Introducing the group companies Which consist fo Chichibu Denshi Co., Ltd. and Chichibu Electron Co., Ltd.


Since its establishment in 1967, Chichibu Denshi has consistently handled a wide range of semiconductor material polishing services and in 1986, Chichibu Electron was founded to form the Chichibu Denshi group together with Chichibu Denshi. Customer's satisfaction is our pleasure. We are making strenuous efforts to maximize customer's saitisfaction through various polishing services.

The evolution of semiconductors in recent years is unstoppable under keywords such as AI, 5G, EV, etc. As a result, requests by our clients are getting demanding and our technological development and innovation must be continuous . Keeping the company motto: "Technology refinement" in our mind, we continuously devote ourselves to investing our management resources in technological development. Finally we can maintain the industry's top level technological capabilities now and forever.

Chichibu Denshi and Chichibu Electron are deploying business in the Chichibu area of ​​Saitama prefecture. We are recognized as a leading company to revitalize the economy in this area and are authorized as "The Driving Company for the Regional Future" by Japanese Ministry of Economy , Trade and Industry. We will continue to grow steadily in this rapidly changing semiconductor industry by earnestly working on technological innovation with a proactive and bold management stance based on the company motto. Thank you for your patronage.

Chichibu Denshi Corporation / Chichibu Electron Corporation

Takahiko Suneya

Philosophy 経営理念

Prosper with clients, employees and communities.
Contribute to the development of society.


Spirit of Challenge

We want to be a technical master group boldly challenging any difficulties, sharing the joy of overcoming them and working hard. And our driving force is the spirit of challenge that constantly expands our accumulated technology to new fields and pursues infinite possibilities.


Customer First

We are delighted to respond promptly to various customers requests under the customer-first principle. The maximization of customer satisfaction is our raison-detre.


Contribution to the Community

We are grateful that we can develop our business in this Chichibu area which is firmly rooted in the good old traditions and surrounded by the affluent nature. At the same time, we are generously devoting ourselves contributing to the community prosperity.



We strongly recognize that employees are an irreplaceable asset and that employees happiness is the basis of corporate prosperity. Here, we will do our best to develop our company with the best teamwork.


Hundred Year Company

We are proud of the Chichibu Denshi Group and we will strengthen our management base with our strenuous efforts. As the result, we will continue to grow steadily aiming at a 100-year-old company.

Our Group & Access

CEC Chichibu Denshi Corporation

Address 2178 Yamada Chichibu-shi Saitama-ken, Japan
TEL: +81-494-22-5955
FAX: +81-494-22-5959
Capital Stock 80 million yen
Number of Employees 75 people
  • SAW Filter Wafer Polishing Service
  • Silicon Wafer Back Side Polishing Service
  • Compound Semiconductor Wafer Polishing Service
  • Metal Film Vapor Deposition Service

CEC Chichibu Electron Corporation

Address 1111 Shimo ogano Ogano-machi Chichibu-gun Saitama-ken, Japan
TEL: +81-494-75-3333
FAX: +81-494-75-3392
Capital Stock 46 million yen
Number of Employees 70 people
  • Photomask Substrate Polishing Service
  • Epitaxy Growth Service

CEC Chichibu Electron Corporation(Midorigaoka Plant)

Address 〒368-0004 70 Midorigaoka, Chichibu-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan
TEL: +81-494-63-1733
FAX: +81-494-62-5277
Capital Stock 15 Peaple
  • Special Wafer (SiC,GaN,etc,) Polishing Service for the Next-generation Power Semiconductors